Yahweh – God of Lightning & the planet Saturn

What is little known is the Biblical connection between God the Father and the seven classical planets.

Saturn and Jupiter in Babylonian times were called ‘the Great Twins’, Jupiter being associated with the colour white, and Saturn with black.

The former was a god of light, peacemaking, compassion and order. The Romans identified this Jovian god with Jesus. Saturn on the other hand was god of law and boundaries, a judge; these enforced by violent bouts of fire and lightning.

Academic Mircea Eliade says the Hebrew Yahweh “displayed his power by means of storms; thunder is his voice and lightning is called Yahweh’s ‘fire,’ or his ‘arrows.’” The fire and brimstone of Yahweh is indeed a lightning aspect.

The Hebrew term baraq, “lightning,” used in the sense of “flashing arrow-head.” Attributed to the righteous anger of YHWH. Similarly the “sword of God” corresponds to flashing lightning.


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6 Responses to Yahweh – God of Lightning & the planet Saturn

  1. Ironsufi says:

    Yet Jupiter-Saturn is none other than the bicephalic eagle of heraldry in yester years of written & imagined heroic compilations of noble descendance. Horus-Set! Muninn-Huginn! Hindsight & Foresight!
    The Titan in you, as well the rebellious son who usurpes birthright by force, as did his very own daddy. Too impatient to wait, taking what was his to begin with.
    Zedek means “justice”? Is there an error somewhere? Samael belongs to Mars! …n’est-ce pas?

    Thor like JUPITER bears the celestial fire. Vajra. Saturn, the black sun. The checkerboard. Between light & night there is located in some inexistential nowhere, Hyperboria.

    All this isn’t very christian, is it? A bit pagan, heh?

    Jehovah, some silly little tyrant, who just divides into morsels what the true God would make.

    • Eiruamun says:

      There is far more to it than I laid out. This is just meant as a note on the topic.

      For example the link between Yahweh-Jesus-Saturnalia, the numerological perfection of the number 7 in Bible and elsewhere, the days of creation in Genesis. All are tied into a classical astrotheology hinged upon the seven planets.

      This is Christian, as the religion is a perfection of prior knowledge in light of revelation. The medieval Irish monks said of the pagans: “They knew the truth of nature, but not the truth of God”.

      Yahweh has a lightning aspect which is used in times of corrective anger, as well as being the “Lord of Hosts” – That is, Lord of the armies or tutelary deities of the Israelites, meaning their tribal constellations in the heavens, each having one.

      • factsrstubborn says:

        Oh Bull! The Bible cannot be understood except by The Spirit of Christ which leaped from Mary to Elizabeth and fell in The Upper Room. Mystery of Salvation and Mystery of Iniquity. There are NO female goddesses in Pure Christianity. “Wherein, in times past ye walked, according to the course of this world, and after the prince that ruleth in the air, even the spirit, that now worketh in the children of disobedience, Ephesians 2:2. This 8th beast will fall like the 7th beast with it’s corrupted interfaith harlot.

  2. l'aryensoufi says:

    Well said! …but what is this light of revelation, which revelation, whose revelation? The one which had done a good job of indoctrinating Irish Monks?
    But still, what you say is true. And I’ll not reply just to be facetious like some idiotic cynical troll!

    Of course good old Yahweh has a lightning aspect, like all those who master the etheric force, in nature & in their natural selves. Within this supernaturally natural world.

    “Lord of Hosts” like some colonel who becomes general then thanks to some premeditated COUP makes himself EMPEROR or better still, Président de la République! All thanks to internal politics & compromised decency. And somme ass licking.

    But of course daddy likes to chastise his kids, then give little kisses if they’ve been docile enough like good little lambs before going to bed & celebrating on the SEVENTH day the special people’s SLAVE DAY, to who wields the vajra.

    I believe that religion is for those who have no god, something like what Miguel Serrano says on behalf of the GOLEM. Golem need religion, need a celestial tyrant in order to be ANIMATED & or DIRECTED somewhere. Otherwise there’s no one there to account for anything!

    …but perhaps I’m saying too much or too little?

    And after all why would Irish Monks know better? Does the Christ really need to worry about all this, He’s opened the seals of the great scroll, He’s the one sending change on a faithless earth, doing away with superstition & the immoral havoc which has devastated the holiness of all creation.

    But perhaps this is where you are leading. Forgive me if I’ve over reach, presumptuously, my little self! The Christ is other than the natural mortal “self”.

    Yahweh, the astral saturnian god of the mechanical-digital “natural” machine, this world where Satan’s kind rule thanks to biological algorithms; and the OTHER, the world of the son of this other divinity who isn’t at all astral in any way or “bit”, the Deus Absconditus, who presides outside the Great Magical Palace, free from distress & the stupid agony of an awaited salvation, HYPERTHEOS.
    In that case, what those Irish Monks said, wasn’t so bad at all. And I agree with them, 100%!

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